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An 8-Year-Old With Atomic Energy

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Remember what it was like to be eight-years-old and full of energy? Now imagine that, only you have no permanent family. That's the situation with today's Wednesday's Child.

Andrew has an extra portion of energy on top of his God-given eight-years-old boy energy.   We're at the Atomic Testing Museum for all their great exhibits, and Andrew likes to spend about 2.5 seconds on each one.

Andrew is very happy, friendly, and outgoing -- something that he needs to learn to temper.

"Mainly the social skills, getting the stranger danger intact and knowing when and when not to be effected toward others," says Andre Wade, and adoption recruitment specialist with the county's Division of Family Services.

Andrew shows many of the same fears that seem to dog a lot of foster children after several placements.

"It's because of they've been removed from their homes, they've been in multiple placements at times and so they sort of need to know their boundaries, and they need to know what's going to happen next, because in the past, anything could have happened," explains Andre.

But Andrew rises above all that most of the time. He loves music, especially dancing, and riding his bike. He needs structure.

"Ideally, a home where there's a strong parental figure or figures, that can do that supervision -- that redirection. But also couple that with that love and attention and affection," says Andre.

Above all, Andrew needs to know that he'll be safe.

"A family that's just going to really give him that attention the he needs -- that positive attention. And I think that's going to help him bond and help him realize that he's in a safe environment -- that he's going to be safe," says Andre.

Andrew is free and clear for adoption. If you're interested in being his forever family, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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