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Second Chance for Two

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We're ready to re-define cute with this Wednesday's Child brother and sister pair. This is their second appearance, and for good reason. Less than a year ago, we visited at the Mini Grand Prix with Olivia and her little brother Phillip, part of a set of 3 kids.

Arrangements have since been made for their older sister, so now it's down to these two. Olivia and Phillip are close in age and in commitment to each other.

"You love your brother? Yes! Why? He kinda acts like a baby. Yeah, but you like taking care of him don't you? Yeah. You watch out for him, don't you? Yes, because he's my brother! He's your brother!"

I tried to keep up with these two at City Park, as did our videographer, but it was a challenge. Both are smart, inquisitive and busy. But Olivia has a softer side.

"Olivia, she loves to be hugged, she loves hugs, she loves kisses, she's very affectionate," says Constance Holdip, the Adoption Specialist with DFS who represents the children.

And we could see first-hand what everyone already seems to know about Phillip.

"Phillip is a nature person, very outgoing, outdoorsman and he could get lost with birds," says Constance.

The foster mother says both kids mind their manners and their duties in the home, but it's clear, no matter what happens, they want to stay together.

"Definitely, they have a very close bond. They're very attached, and probably would do well in a two parent family. A lot of patience of course, because they're young children. A home they can thrive in," adds Constance.

Olivia and Phillip are free and clear for adoption and the best time to call is right now. Call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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