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Tomas and Micah Find a Forever Family

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We close out National Foster Care Month on Wednesday's Child, with the best possible story -- the adoption of two young men featured a over a year ago on the program.

Ever since a visit to the Mirage Dolphin pool in late 2006, we've gotten questions about these two handsome boys. Tomas and Micah didn't really want to get close to the Dolphins, but they needed a family to get close to, and now they have it.

Tomas, sitting next to his new dad, and Micah, cuddled up with his adoptive mother, fit into their new home like hand in glove. But this is a rare quiet moment for these two, normally they're in motion.

Adoptive dad Rick, keep his new sons busy -- football, basketball and BMX biking. He remembers the day they heard about them on Wednesday's Child.

"Then we went online and pulled up the Wednesday's Child from earlier that day and surprised when we saw Micah too. We already knew about Tomas," said Rick.

They already knew about Tomas, because at the time, Donna was his first-grade teacher.

"They've had 13 placements and all of them were disturbed because of Tomas' behavior. But I knew that Tomas could behave. I knew that he was a very loving -- needs positive reinforcement," said Donna. 

Donna was okay with the process, because she was once a foster child herself. But Rick was more bent on permanence -- adoption, not foster care. So they began the process of approval.

"Persistence, a lot of patience. A lot of patience. They were the reason we did it. There's no guarantee you're going to get the children. There's a lot of talking to a lot of different people. I mean, it's not a perfect system," admits Rick. 

Now their lives are busy and full, sometimes hectic. But both parents know it was meant to be.

"It's just great to give it back to them, try to make up for what they've lost. Hopefully they'll grow up to be big men, good men and good careers," says Rick.

"I think that, when you're -- when you're worn out, you have to look at what's best for the kids. And even though there's days that I say, ‘Take them away I've had enough.' you know that in the long run it's gonna pay off, hopefully. If you don't take care of the children, who will, you know?" says Donna.

Rick and Donna have already raised four kids of their own, so they're starting over. If you'd like to begin the process of approval for foster care or adoption, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange today at 436-6336.

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