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Paula Francis, Anchor

Good Healthy Food Tips For Diabetics During Hot Weather

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Hot weather this time of year is a good excuse to eat more fruit -- to cool and hydrate the body. But fruit is high in sugar, and that means the diabetic needs to pay closer attention to how much they consume.

Fruit is a healthy choice year-round. In the heat of summer, they're a good source vitamins and some extra hydration -- whether you have diabetes or not.

But Suzanne Jane, a dietician with Mt. View Hospital, says diabetics may want to avoid other carb-heavy foods while enjoying fruit, in order to avoid a spike in blood sugar.

"Diabetics should be aware of which foods contain carbohydrate, which are your fruits, your starchy vegetables, and all you plant products," said Jane.

Jane says fruits high in fiber might be a better option for diabetics. The fiber helps slow the absorption of the carbohydrate.

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