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Local Woman Discovers Lump After Watching Buddy Check-8

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Channel 8 has been airing buddy check reports on the 8th of each month for more than 15 years. And we like to think that we've made a difference. Today, we hear from a local woman who discovered a lump in her breast after watching one of our reports.

Sunshine has never felt better for Las Vegas resident, Sharon Grenner. She's enjoying the outdoors for the first time since her battle with breast cancer began last June.

She discovered a lump in her breast after being encouraged to do a self exam during the buddy check-8 report.

"I was laying on the couch and Paula Francis came on and said, 'OK... it's Buddy Check Eight time.' And I thought, oh okay. And I felt my breast and found a lump. I made a doctor's appointment for a couple of weeks later and I had breast cancer," said Grenner.

Grenner is a bus driver for the Clark County School District. She's had plenty of questions and curious looks from students, especially over the loss of hair. And she's using the opportunity to help them understand some things about cancer.

"And I wanted the kids to know that this is what happens when you go through chemo. You have these side effects. And hopefully, when they see a baldheaded woman walking down the street, they'll say, 'Oh, I bet she has cancer' instead of staring," said Grenner.

Grenner says as far as she knows, breast cancer does not run in her family. But now, her own diagnosis has linked her to other survivors.

"Several people at work who've had breast cancer have come up to me. I'm very noticeable with no hair -- a little bald head walking around. And they've come up and spoken to me and told be their stories. There's an 11 year survivor at work. There's another girl who went through it before I did."

Grenner reached two milestones this week. She celebrated her 57th birthday and she completed her last radiation treatment.

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