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Too Much Body Fat May Affect Type 2 Diabetes Risk

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Having too much body fat is believed to be a risk factor for type-2 diabetes. But new research suggests that depending on the location of the fat, it may actually be beneficial in preventing the onset of diabetes.

There are strong links between type-2 diabetes and obesity. But researchers at the Joslin Diabetes Center found that fat from some areas of the body can reduce insulin resistance, and protect people from diabetes.

Las Vegas endocrinologist, Fred Toffel says fat just below the skin, in the hips and thighs is associated with improved insulin levels.

On the other hand, people with too much belly-fat are often found to also have too much fat around certain muscles, creating a higher risk for diabetes.

"You can find people who have fat in their muscles and in their heart -- in the muscles of the heart. And that's very dangerous fat. And that prevents the body from using sugar properly," said Dr. Toffel.

He also says the new understanding reversed the belief that liposuction could help diabetes.

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