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2 Brothers, 2 Appearances on Wed's Child

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We're so convinced there's a home out there for today's Wednesday's Child pair- of- brothers, that we're featuring them for a second time.   Our goal is to make sure there is no 3rd time.

Almost two years ago, we met up with these two young me at the zoo.   They'd already been through a lot in life, and seemed kinda quiet. Well, we met agaihn the other day at the new Desert Springs Preserve and I could see two years has made a difference in the lives of brothers Dyvione and Dyvionte... Everyone calls him "Tay"... Sure they're older and bigger, but growing up in a loving foster home has settled them in a little bit.

"Well, I told them the house rules, and that was it," says Geraldine, Foster Mother for the boys.

Geraldine loves Dyvione and Tay,  but knows they need someone who can better keep up with them.

"You know, I would really like for the boys, I would like them to have a mom and a dad.   It's alright for them to have one, but I think Dyvione & Dyvionte would be good with a father, and a mother, if not a real strong mother, that would also keep what she says, and will not let them err from anything but make 'em stay right on task," adds Geraldine.

Dyvione is 8, two years older than Tay...smart in school, a sensitive child, and loves the attention. He also loves watching after his little brother.  And Tay?

"Tay is a hard worker... You can give him an assignment, he'll go, you'll neer have to check on him till he's finished. It's great!" admits Geraldine.

These young men need a forever family, but above all, they need to stay together.

"I think they're good for each other, if you separate 'em, they might would do well, but they would miss each other after a while... You know, no more than maybe 7 days apart... But I think they should be kept together, cause they watches out for each other," says Geraldine.
Dyvione and Dyvionte are free and clear and eager for adoption.   Get started in the process now by calling the Aadoption Exchange right now at 4365-6335...they'll have answers for you.

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