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15-Yr-Old Still Holds Out Hope For a Forever Family

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At 18, an un-adopted child becomes an adult legally.   But at 15 David is still very much hoping for a family he can call his own.

Almost exactly 4 years ago, I met David for the first time.   He was 11, and even then, his hopes were high that he would find a forever family.

Now he is a very grown-up teenager, who doesn't think it's at all odd that he'd still want a family he can call his.

"I want somebody to adopt me, you know, mostly, like a dad mostly, but  stuff like that, so I can hang around with a dad," says David.

"You miss that," says Dave Courvoisier.

"Yeah, I never had it," answers David quickly.

His adoption recruiter also emphasizes that David would most benefit from a male influence in his life.

"His foster parent isn't able to adopt him, so we will continue to make sure that we recruit for him, and find him a strong family....David needs a strong family...he needs a strong male figure, um, and that would definitely help him out," says Rich, an Adoption Recruiter for the County's Division of Family Services. 

David is somewhat visually challenged, but it doesn't get in the way of his biggest passion:  drawing., which he eagerly showed us.

"This isn't my best, this isn't even close to my best.....he's just a person I had to make up for my story," says David, pointing to a figure he's drawn.

David has books and books full of drawings of anime' and cartoon figures.   He's good at school, very talkative, and has a very sweet disposition.   This is a young man deserving of a family.

"Well, I want a famly that's nice, and that has time to spend time with me and stuff like that," admits David. 

"He still wants to be adopted,  he still wants that security..he wants the security of having a fataher, having a mother, just, um someone that he can fall back on..., someone to listen to him," says Rich. 

David is great around the house, and is free and clear for adoption.   

Call the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335 to get started. 

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