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George Knapp, I-Team Reporter

Are UFOs Coming to Nevada?

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(June 5) -- If you've ever wanted to see a UFO, Thursday might just be your lucky night: That's when famed mentalist the Amazing Kreskin has predicted that an array of flying saucers will appear in the sky. While the prediction did not reveal the exact location, the Channel 8 I-Team found out.

Before you decided to print up a sign and go tripping around in the desert to welcome the space aliens, just keep in mind what happened only a few summers ago when gullible folks gathered for a similar purpose. And this wasn't the first time, or maybe you haven't heard of "War of the Worlds," in which a character said: "What are these flying saucers? What are people seeing in the sky?"

People have been wondering about intelligent life out there somewhere for a long time. Some even speculate that these benevolent space brethren might want to study us, even help us out. Don't you believe the Spielbergian propaganda? But should you believe the Amazing Kreskin?

"I can pretty much pinpoint it. It will be two or three, maybe four at the most," he said..

That's two to four UFOs, Kreskin says, in the Nevada skies Thursday night. He made the prediction on a Canadian TV show back in February, generating worldwide publicity, for himself and for the Silverton Hotel, where his act has been playing. The Silverton has been beating the PR drum, too.

“It's been wonderful exposure for the Silverton and for Kreskin," said Scott Eldredge of the Silverton Hotel. "But it's a double-edged sword, isn't it, if it doesn't happen? I think it's great for everybody; believers and skeptics will be out here.”

Kreskin won't say how this vision came to him, but he and the hotel have picked out a spot for the official gathering. It's in a field just south of the hotel, and as many as a thousand people might show up. We tried to pin Kreskin down on whether this would be the real deal or whether he would settle for a man made satellite, blimp or other contrivance going overhead.

“A satellite or publicity stunt? The question asked is, did I hire anybody? No, it's too expensive,” Kreskin said.

So people will see more than a satellite?

“I would hope so," he said. "I would have nothing to do with manmade satellites. I only have one real fear -- my real fear -- who knows how long this sighting will be? If it goes an hour or more, you worry about mass hysteria.”

In the long, sad history of UFO predictions, the only place people know for sure they will see saucers is in movies. There was the prediction that a UFO would fly over a Monday Night Football game; darn it, turns out it was a scared away by the blimp. UFOs were also predicted for the Winter Olympics. Maybe they couldn't pass the steroid test. And there have been plenty of predictions of UFOs at Area 51.

But mom was a no show. The message: Don't get your hopes up, but it could still be a rich sociological experiment, and, who knows: “It's gonna happen,” says Kreskin.

Kreskin says he expects the UFOs to show up between 9 p.m. and midnight on Thursday. The event should be visible from all over Southern Nevada.

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