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This Girl Won't "Brooke" Any Funny Business

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When you're in Junior High....being 12-and-a-half is a lot older than 12.... And today's Wednesdays Child -- Brooke -- is on the high side of 12-and-a-half...which is to say, she's ready for a permanent family.

We're at the Artful Potter with Brooke, who is working hard on finishing a piece of work to give to her sister...

"She still has some sisters she still remains in contact with... She has a good you can see today, she's making something as a gift to one of her sisters, which I think is really cool," says Andre Wade, an adoption specialist with the County's Department of Family Services.

Brooke does well in school...'sings in the choir....her favorite color is blue, and like a typical teen:

"I like to talk on the phone's my thing," says Brooke.

But Brooke wants people to know she can think for herself too.

"You know how people like....most girls are really preppy and stuff..and they like shoes, well, I like shoes, but I don't like preppy girls shoes, I like boys' shoes, like DC's and Converse, and Chucks," says Brooke.

Brooke would love a home with pets... Particularly dogs, and would like to be a big sister... Not a the youngest in the family.

"She loves animals, and I think she'd do well in a home where she's one of the oldest, if not the oldest and had younger siblings, she's like to take on that sort of nurturing, caretaker role," adds Andre. 

Brooke has no special needs that wouldn't be answered by having a loving home.

"Just a regular  home, she wants a home with love, and respct, no arguing...she doesn't like to be yelled at, which is pretty normal, and yeah.....and a home that's gonna support her staying in contact with her sister and any other family that she has in her life," says Andre.

A single-mom home would be perfect for Brooke... But all appropriate homes would be considered.   Call the Adoption Exchange right now at 4365-6335...they'll have answers for you.

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