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Melissa Duran, Reporter

Patients Vent to Lawmakers About Hepatitis Scare

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Some fought tears, while others held nothing back. Some fought tears, while others held nothing back.

Criticizing the governor was just one of many complaints lawmakers heard at Monday night's public forum. Dozens of patients made sure their voices were heard.

Some fought tears, while others held nothing back.

"I get a letter from the health department that I can have HIV, hepatitis. I was pissed and I am still upset right now. It hurt me to my heart," said Barbara Aniston.

There were a wide range of questions from 60 patients, some wondering why the people responsible for the health crisis haven't been put in jail.

"If I go out there and go drink and get stopped, I get arrested and have to post bail to get back home. These guys have committed crimes against 40,000 people that we know of and they are still walking the streets," said Earl Fruits.

While some blamed the doctors and state leaders, others made suggestions. There were calls for better whistleblower protection for employees who want to report bad medical practices, even calls to remove all current board members of the state's Medical Examiner's Board.

But others wanted to make a point.

"If you all don't mind playing Russian Roulette, this is Vegas baby. Roll the dice. I have some ideas for you. I think we should take everybody in the room, get out the syringe. We'll use one needle, one vial and you can take a little sample of our blood and we'll inject you and the governor and everyone else here and maybe you'll get it and maybe you won't maybe you'll know tomorrow, maybe you'll know five years from now, but you need to start figuring out how we feel," said Melanie Montalvo.

Though they vented, they continue to live with their fears, wondering what officials are going to do help them. Lawmakers will meet again in April for their regularly schedule committee meeting.

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