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Jeremy Waits For the Right Family

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You'll need lots of energy and plenty of smarts to keep up with today's Wednesday's Child, but overall, 9-year-old Jeremy is very adoptable.

We're at the Artful Potter with Jeremy, a handsome young man with strong opinions about what he likes, "I like sausage," Jeremy says matter-of-factly.

And what he doesn't like, "I definitely do not like cabbage," he says definitively.

Jeremy's had his share of disappointments in placements but it hasn't spoiled his outlook or his spirit.

"Jeremy is a beautiful child. He enjoys a lot of things. He loves being outside, riding his bike, interested in computers and drawing, he's really smart and a really insightful young man," says Natalie, Jeremy's SAFY worker. 

And in a sense, Jeremy's a dreamer with his head in the clouds, you might say.

"I would also like my own little telescope, because I love looking through stuff and looking at the stars," admits Jeremy.

But Jeremy will need a family that can plant his feet firmly on the ground, too.

"When I think of the perfect family for Jeremy, I think of a family that has a lot of time, a lot of patience and undestanding of his special needs. A family that's open and willing to accept Jeremy into their family and kind of go ride the ups and downs out with him. Someone who can really just spend a lot of time with him, because that's what he really needs," explains Natalie. 

Oh, and one more thing, be ready for a kid with a great sense of humor. And he likes to be on the go -- go to the park, go to the movies, that kind of stuff.

Don't wait to talk yourself out of adopting Jeremy. Call right now to the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335. They'll have answers for you.

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