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Lawsuits Filed Against Closed Medical Center

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The City of Las Vegas has revoked the business license of the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada. The business has been closed since 3 p.m. Now, possible criminal charges and several lawsuits have been filed.

Medical Center Closed by City

Gloria Oliveri beat cancer three times, only to discover she may have been exposed to hepatitis and HIV because of shoddy practices.

Health District Sets Up Hotline in Hepatitis C Scare

So, understandably she has some strong feelings about what was allowed to happen at the medical clinic she turned to for help in the fight for her life.

Up until now, her worst fear had been that her cancer would return. After beating cancer three times and surviving a brain aneurism, Gloria learned she is among the nearly 40,000 former patients of the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada who may have been exposed to hepatitis and HIV.

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"Syringes cost 5 cents. We're talking about nickels here," she said.

Southern Nevada health officials say six cases of acute hepatitis C have been identified so far and five of them were traced to sloppy injection practices at the clinic during the past four years.

Clark County District Attorney David Roger says several members of his own staff had procedures done at the Endoscopy Center.

He understands these patients' desire for justice and his office is considering whether there are grounds to file reckless endangerment or gross negligence charges.

"It won't happen tomorrow or the next day, but we are taking a hard, fast look at all the facts in the case," he said.

Four different law firms are now pursuing class action lawsuits against the medical center. Many are outraged at the negligence of the center for letting this go on during a 4 year period. Now they are seeking legal council and say they should be compensated for the stress they are now under because they made the mistake of trusting their doctors.

Heather Beemon is one of four people fling a suit against the center. Her lawyer says the doctors and nurses there went directly against the Hippocratic Oath, causing harm to his clients. He says that because they were negligent they should have to pay for his clients testing now and the re-testing they will need down the road.

As more people come forward with these class action suits they will likely turn in to one large suit.

Meanwhile, Oliveri has already received the results of her first HIV test -- it came back negative. But increased demand at local labs has caused a delay with her hepatitis results. So she waits anxiously for answers and offers her brand of justice for those ultimately found to be responsible, "An eye for an eye. Give them an injection from a person who's infected and see how they like it."

In response to our community's increased demand for blood testing, Quest Diagnostics has extended its weekend hours to accommodate more people. Even so, a Quest spokesperson says their normal 24 to 48 hour turnaround is already delayed by a few days.

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