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There's No Limit to Austin!

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Adoptable children often start off in the world with several strikes against them. That's true of our Wednesday's Child candidate, Austin. But it probably won't slow him down one bit.

It was a chilly day at Lorenzi Park, but Austin warmed up to me right away, insisting I chase him around the jungle gym. No doubt he's a guy with a lot of expendable energy.

"I doubt if he'll have any issues physically. He'll probably be able to live independently, maybe need some sort of assistance, but he's pretty bright," says Andre Wade of the Department of Family Services. 

Just to look at him, you'd wonder what Andre' means about Austin needing assistance. Despite his youthful exuberance, and his handsome looks, Austin will always be working to overcome fetal alcohol syndrome.

"So with that, we're going to have to have someone who can deal with the special needs that come along with it. He's very hyper and rambunctious -- in a playful way. At the same time, when he's around other kids sometimes, he is not aware of his space and his boundaries," explains Andre. "There's a spectrum, and it really depends on how much support and services they have early on and what sort of reinforcements they have as far as let's say, their social skills and the learning in school."

But there's lots to love, here. Austin will be 5 this year, and has lots of potential.

"He actually does well in the home. He has less issues with boundaries and less impulsive at home, probably because there's one other child in the home so far and there's not a lot of stimulation going on," adds Andre.

Patience and plenty of structure around the home will be what parents will have to provide for Austin.

"I think a family that can support him and his development, who can understand his special needs and they're gonna know he has his limitations, but build upon those limitations, and people who are going to be able to help him follow through with directives and you have to give him positive feedback," says Andre.

Austin is free and clear for adoption, so to get the process started, make the call right now to the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335. They'll have all answers for you.

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