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Doctor Offers New Year's Weight Loss Tips

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A resolution to lose weight is a priority for many people as the New Year gets underway.

For the diabetic, shedding a few pounds can be especially helpful in managing their disease but still challenging.

Henderson resident Bob Maxwell has been trying to lose weight since his diagnosis of type-2 diabetes four years ago. He's learned there's no quick fix.

"You see all these commercials on TV, "Lose weight in 5 minutes." It doesn't work that way and we're kind of programmed to hurry up and we can do this right now. Well, you can't and you've got to stick to it to make those long-lasting results," he said.

Maintaining a healthy weight is a goal that's stuffed with challenges, starting with the most basic.

Endocrinologist Reid Litchfield admits that while calories may be easy to come by, they can be very difficult to work off.

The American Diabetes Association is offering some tips that may help include setting realistic goals -- perhaps 5 to 10 pounds to start. Identify a support system, whether it's family, friends or co-workers to support your efforts.

Also, keep a record of everything you eat or drink and have a physical activity checklist keeping track of how much exercise you get.

Remember, short term weight loss is beneficial, but long-term lifestyle changes are even better.

Professional guidance is strongly recommended.

"In order for a patient with diabetes to successful, they really need to enlist the help of other individuals to help them. They'll often benefit from a diabetes educator, or a nutritionist and in some cases, somebody to help them come up with an exercise program," said Litchfield.

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