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Bayer Launches Voluntary Recall of Contour TS Diabetes Test Strips

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A recall has been issued for a brand of diabetic test strips that may be causing inaccurate readings of blood sugar levels. A local diabetic tells Eye on Health she found good reason to be concerned.

Bayer has voluntarily recalled test strips used specifically with the Contour TS blood glucose meter. The strips were produced on faulty manufacturing equipment that the company says has now been fixed.

As a type-1 diabetic, Las Vegas resident, Theresa Moore depends on test strips to stay healthy -- testing her blood glucose levels four to 12 times a day.

Moore says when heard there was a recall of test strips, she wasted no time in finding out what was going on.

"I looked on the Internet and realized it's just the mail orders. And the Contour I'm using currently is not effected, which made me feel happy," said Moore.

The test strips in question are sold predominately through mail order to be used only with the Contour TS meter.

The recall covers seven countries -- but most were sold here in the U.S. The recalled strips have lot numbers that begin with WK and are followed by the characters 7D, 7E, 7F or 7G.

Bayer says the strips may result in five to 17-percent higher blood glucose readings. Moore says the higher numbers can lead to an over-correction.

"If you take too much insulin because your numbers are higher, and it's not really that high, your sugars will feel low and then you get grumpy, irritated, mad or drunk," said Moore.

Diane Harman is a diabetes educator for Valley Hospital. She says there is not a problem with the contour meter itself.

"It's the strip that was marketed for a specific type of the Bayer meter. And it's just the strip itself. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the machine. So simply by changing out the strips, you can resolve the issue," said Harmon.

The recall does not affect strips used with other Bayer meters.

For more information about the recall and refunds, click here or here.

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