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Meet Jordanka and Avery

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We promise the brother/sister pair we have this week will steal your heart away.  Go ahead, try and resist a smile like Jordanka's. Dave couldn't, and neither can her older brother.

The smile is 'Danka's hallmark. She's about 2 years old, and the protective brother -- Avery -- is about 6 years old. They're a matched brother/sister pair.

"They need to stay together. They need each other, so we need a family that can take both. They do need to stay together," said Angella, the pair's foster mother.

Angella has been caring for Avery and Danka the last year. She knows them better than anyone and says Danka is a charming little girl who demands affection.

"She has an awesome personality, loves to smile, loves to play.  She's a jokester, laughs; she wants to be the class clown. She wants to be the attention of everybody," admitted Angella. 

Danka knows her ABC's and can count to ten, all at the age of two.

Avery is not the social butterfly his sister is, but is loyal to and patient with his sister.

"He's very protective of his sister. Now he gets annoyed with her, 'cause she looooooves her brother, and she loves to, you know, play with him. And Avery likes to, sometimes, you know, be by himself and do his thing," Angella explained. 

"Avery is very sweet, loves to hang, loves to play, loves to read," added Angella.

Looking ahead, nothing is more important to their future than being together.

"What they really need is a smaller family where they can get the attention. Jordanka loves attention and Avery needs attention. And that's all that they have is each other, and when you see how they interact with each other, it would be difficult to separate them," said Angella.

This adorable pair is available for adoption right now.

If you think you can answer their need for permanency, call the Las Vegas office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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