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Holiday Travel Tips For Diabetics

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As holiday travel plans come together, diabetics need to be prepared for the unexpected. In this week's Dealing With Diabetes report, we get some travel tips from an emergency room nurse, who also happens to be a well-traveled diabetic.

Las Vegas resident Theresa Moore has been dealing with diabetes for 21 years. But she's never allowed the disease to stop her from traveling, and she's been to many parts of the world, including a recent trip to Australia.

But for Moore, diabetes management is a priority and experience has taught her to always pack a few extras.

"I've been stuck in the airport when the flight's been delayed," she said. "I always bring five to seven days extra, when I go on vacations, of supplies, 'cause you never know what happens."

Among the extras on a diabetic's check list, are extra batteries for both glucose meters and pumps, extra syringes, a ready supply of candy or crackers, and plenty of extra test strips.

Diane Harman, a diabetes educator at Valley Hospital, adds to the list.

"Things such as glucose tablets to treat their low-blood sugar. Medications to treat nausea or diarrhea, so that they don't get dehydrated," Harman suggested.

To get your free diabetes resource kit, click here and scroll down to that section.

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