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Environmental Reports Cites More Water Conservation Needed

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A group opposed to the Southern Nevada Water Authority pipe line project has released a report suggesting more water conversation could solve our water problems.

The report was requested by the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada and funded by two environmental agencies. But the Southern Nevada Water Authority says many of the suggestions the report is identifying are already in place.

It's a resource we use and need everyday. But are we doing enough? There are a lot of untapped water conservation efforts that Las Vegas has not used.

Dr. Peter Gleick, with the Pacific Institute in California, researched other options to save more water, rather than having a water pipe line installed. He says conservation can start in the home. If homeowners install more energy efficient appliances, this would save at least 40-percent of the water we use.

Dr. Gleick continued, "I bought a front loading washing machine rather than a top loading machine. They are much more efficient with less water, less energy, and less detergent."

He says options like this should be looked at before a water pipe line is built. "It makes more sense to use that water more efficiently as a possibility before you spend money on finding a very expensive more distant source of supply," he said. 

SNWA's Doug Bennett says conservation measures like this will not create new water. "Indoor water use has no consequences from water re-use. The critical focus here is landscaping, and outdoor usage. That's where our focus is."

And regardless of what the report reads, Bennett says the water pipe line project is needed, even if all the conservation suggestions this reports says are followed.

"Right now, too much of our water is coming from the Colorado River. We have to diversify our water usage," Bennett added.

The Pacific Institute was asked to do the study since the Clark County commission will soon consider a rate increases to encourage water conversation. All is still on schedule for the pipe line.

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