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Edward Lawrence, Reporter

New Technology Takes Center Stage at Global Gaming Expo

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John Buyachek, Cantor Gaming Marketing Director John Buyachek, Cantor Gaming Marketing Director

They ding, and blink and make a lot of noise -- the latest and greatest slot machines were on display at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The Global Gaming Expo started Tuesday, and new technology always takes center stage. Just drag one of the chips to anywhere on the table. Gambling will now be at your fingertips in a casino.

John Buyachek, Cantor Gaming Marketing Director said, "The range will be where ever it's wired in a casino. Once you step over a boundary line, this will totally shut down even in the middle of a hand."

By rule, it can be used anywhere on the casino property except in a hotel room and parking garage. That means gambling will be a touch away while lounging at the pool, eating at a restaurant, or hanging out in a club inside a casino.

"You will be able to choose down the road, once approved by Gaming Control Board, any game the casino wants to put on there, you can have on this device," said Buyachek.

Pre-pay the amount to be gambled -- then touch the screen. It's expected that it will be in casinos this year. The Gaming Control Board is in the final stage of testing the mobile gaming devices.

The Venetian will have them first. Casino executives hope the more convenient the gambling, the more money wagered and more revenue for the property. For gamblers who don't want to leave everything to chance, there's new skill-based gambling.

"About once every 50 to 75 plays, you get to go into the bonus round and play an actual game of pong," said Marcus Prater, Bally Gaming's senior vice president.

It's you versus the computer in a game we all remember -- with bonus cash on the line. Break Out will be next in casinos, with Asteroids and Centipede on the horizon.

Whether competition or convenience, casinos always look for the latest and greatest to give players the chance to see who wins and who loses.

Rules for mobile gaming devices were established earlier this year. Each device now must be tested so it cannot be hacked or compromised.

The portable devices passed the lab and now will be tested in the field before being approved for everyday use.

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