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Is There Room in Your Heart For These Children?

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Adoptable sibling sets are the norm anymore on Wednesday's Child. That shows a concerted effort on the part of the Department of Family Services to keep families together, which is certainly the case with this week's set of three.

We're at the Mini Gran Prix again, so you may see some of the kids from last week's adoptable sibling set mixed in.

But this week, we're focused on this tall beautiful almost 12-year-old named Paulette, her sister, the gorgeous 5-year-old Olivia, and their energetic 3-year old brother, Phillip. By most accounts, they're all very gifted and talented children.

"They all love to sing. That's their thing. They're all very active in the church and in the choir and singing. And that' something that we'd like to see them continue to do," said Andre, with DFS.

Paulette is an active kid, who loves sports.

And like most teenage wannabees, "She just says she likes to hang out with her friends. That's what she likes to do," Andre explained.

Olivia loves to be held and enjoys returning affection.

"She loves to pose in the mirror. And likes, probably something like acting where she can get that attention and be dramatic. That would be good for her," Andre continued.

Phillip? Well, he just wants to keep up with his big sisters.

"He's smart, he's mindful, respectful. He really wants to help. His thing now is he really wants to take out the trash. His sister had that chore, and now he says that's my job, I want to take out the trash," mentioned Andre.

Here's a ready-made family just waiting for some permanency and consistency.

"Stability and to know that they are going to be in a home forever -- wherever it's going to be -- that's forever. I think that's going to calm down some anxiety, and some uncertainty. And it'll really help with their self-esteem and well-being," Andre explained. 

There's actually another sister named Joy, who is ten. She couldn't be with us, but she is a part of this family, too. So it's four kids in all. 

If you think you can answer their need for permanency, call the Las Vegas office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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