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Three Sisters, One Brother Make Up Ready Family

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(Oct. 17) -- A sibling set adoption is a big order. You could even say it's an instant big family. But when you meet the four kids in this week's Wednesday's Child, you'll see why they have to stay together. 

We're at the Mini Gran Prix with two sibling sets of kids, so you'll have to stick with us, as we introduce you to the first set. You'll meet the other separate family next week.

In this sibling set of four, meet 3-year-old brother/sister twins Karmel and Melikai. But you might think 4-year-old sister Kaiya is Karmel's sister because they're dressed alike. Confused? Don't be. Along with Shanice, they're meant to all be together.

In fact foster mom Venda, who has three of the four children in her home, claims this family needs a forever home with two parents.

"I think the children need to be in an environment where they have both parents because I notice my oldest child, Kaiya, she adapted to my brothers so well, she's used to them now. And she calls them daddy and I see that a lot,: said Venda, the foster mother for Melikai, Karmel, and Kaiya.

Kaiya is the sparkplug of the four. In fact, Venda calls her "mommy" because, "She's always like, mommy I wanna help, mommy, let me help. And by giving her that, okay you can help mommy, she wants to help in the kitchen," explained Venda.

Sister Karmel is helpful too, but her twin brother is very different.

"Karmel is more of a tomboy. Melikai is more of the softer, sit back, he see the girls fighting, he'll look, he'll turn back to the television. No big deal. No part of that, I'm not with that," said Venda.

Then there's Shanice. At 11, she's the oldest and lives in a separate foster home. Dave asked her about that.

"Wouldn't it be nice if all four of you were together in the same home? Have forever parents?" Dave inquired.  

"Yeah, that would be nice" said Shanice with a big smile.

These four need a home where they can all be together.

As Shanice says, "Just like regular normal people."

"So I think it's just taking the time out with them, spending time with them, quality time," added Venda.

This family of four deserves to remain together in a permanent home. If you think you can answer that need, call the Las Vegas office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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