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Local Graphic Designer Dedicated to Walk-The-Rock Fundraiser

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Walk the Walk

When: Saturday, Oct. 20 at 10 a.m.
Where: Meet at Red Rock Casino parking lot at W. Charleston at 215 Beltway

Buses will shuttle people to Red Rock Canyon. There are a few hiking options, including a 2-mile trail, or 1, 3, or 6-mile walk down Old Potato Rd.

The run gets underway at 11 a.m.

This is not a race, just a fun event.

Call 369-9995 to register, or visit Walk the Rock online.


A major fundraiser for diabetes takes place this weekend at Red Rock Canyon. "Walk-the-Rock" benefits the local chapter of the American Diabetes Association. The brochure for the event was designed by a young man who is dealing with diabetes himself. He found about his condition the hard way.

Las Vegas graphic designer, Rocky Montez-Carr and his wife Helen, will be helping out at this weekend's diabetes fundraiser.

Rocky has never been shy about telling people that he's a diabetic. In fact, he has a tattoo on his arm that makes it very clear. When he was diagnosed, at age 11, the symptoms hit hard.

"I was vomiting, urinating every five minutes. I had constant thirst, and I lost a lot of weight and things like that. And that was just scary for an 11-year-old," said Rocky.

Doctors said Rocky was literally minutes away from falling into a coma. In the days leading up to the danger point, his parents knew something was wrong, but never dreamed it was as serious as diabetes, which does not run in their family.

"They didn't realize it 'cause I was playing soccer and baseball and football during the Summer. I was in three different leagues at that time. So they just thought I was working out a lot and just thirsty and things like that. So the symptoms can be hidden. So you need to get checked out. It's important to go see your doctor," he said.

Rocky says managing his diabetes has become second nature. He checks his blood glucose levels four to six times and takes three rounds of insulin every day. Although he's coping with the routine, like millions of other diabetics, he hopes there's a cure on the horizon. If not for himself, then for those to come.

"One in three people I think is the statistic that don't even know that have diabetes. I mean, it's an awful feeling when your blood's out of control. Your body aches, and it's just not good. So many people could be healthier if they knew they had diabetes. It's important to get screened and get tested," he said.

You can join us for Walk-the-Rock this Saturday at Red Rock Canyon. We'll meet at Red Rock Casino and take buses over to the park.

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