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Blindness is Possible Side Effect of Diabetes

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One of the worst side effects of diabetes is blindness. That's why an international conference on vision, being held in Las Vegas, is giving the subject full attention.

The Vision West Expo has some 5,000 attendees looking at every facet of eye disease, including diabetes.

Las Vegas optometrist Roger Paez will attend a presentation on diabetes-related vision loss. He says many of his diabetic patients are unaware of how much the disease can affect their sight.

Dr. Paez said, "There's going to be a fluctuation. So, you may do a prescription one day. They come back in a week and say, I can't see. Then I check their blood sugar level and it's 400, through the roof. Then we know we need to get your blood level under control."

Seminar organizer, Dr. Kirk Smick says new technology has made it easier to track damage caused by diabetes. But it's still important to strive for early intervention through annual eye exams.

Vision loss caused by diabetes is usually irreversible.

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