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New Research Suggests Exercise Combo to Help Diabetics

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We've always heard that exercise is beneficial for diabetics, and now new research finds the right combination. The study says an exercise program which includes both resistance training and aerobic exercise is the most effective at controlling type-two diabetes.

Resistance training involves pushing your muscles, like lifting weights or using exercise bands. Aerobic exercise, like bike riding or running, gets your heart rate up.

Henderson endocrinologist, Reid Litchfield says the findings help confirm that a combination is better and you've got to break a sweat.

"It has to be serious exercise. And this study was able to show that simply riding a stationary bicycle by itself, although it was good, you get a more effective response in glucose levels when you have a complete and a balanced exercise regimen," said Dr. Litchfield.

Jack Vitalis has battled type two diabetes for 27 years. He exercises five times a week, combining aerobic and resistance training.

"Tuesdays and Thursdays I deep-water exercise. And on Wednesday, we do strength. We do machines like the ones behind us," said Vitalis.

This combination of aerobic and weight training has helped Jack lose weight and drop his glycemic levels significantly.

Dr. Litchfield says the study highlights the fact that when it comes to caring for your diabetes, exercise should not be underestimated.

"Lifestyle changes that you can achieve through diet and exercise are in some cases more powerful than even the newest diabetes drugs that are out there," said Dr. Litchfield.

Dr. Litchfield says too many patients wrongly assume that a short walk is enough exercise to make a difference when it fact, it takes much more.

To read more about the new research, click here.  

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