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Jason Goes It Alone

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As much as we'd like to keep them together, sibling-set adoptions don't always work out.   Because of that, the individual children are all that much more adoptable.

Back in March of this year, we first met Jason with his one of his sisters at the park. They were obviously close to each other, but now Jason is the only one of an original sibling set of four that remains in foster care -- unadopted.

Jason's a few months older and maybe a little wiser knowing he won't be living with his other sisters, but also knowing that he will get visitation.

"Jason, I don't think he understands, 'cause they lived together for a long time. But we've told him, you're going to have ongoing visits, and he's okay with that. I think he's going to have some sadness with it, but..." admitted Carly, Jason's caseworker.

On Dave's visit, he found Jason to be more "together" than ever. He's quick with a smile and his caseworker says he's a real kick.

"Jason is hilarious. He's one the funniest kids I know. He's really quick with his humor; he's doing really good in school. He really likes sports, very outgoing, friendly kid," said Carly. 

Other than lots of love, Jason probably needs more than any one thing -- a structured environment.

"Structure is huge for him. He really likes knowing what's going to happen next. You know, prepping him for every transition and doing everything the same every day in the home is really important. Yeah, routine," explained Carly.

One parent or two, preferably older siblings, or Jason as an only child. Regardless, Jason needs to know he has stability.

"They need to be really committed to having a child in their home who has special needs, and being able to work through that. They need to be very structured and have a lot of routine," added Carly.

Jason will need parents who understand his ongoing need to see his sisters.

If you're interested in adopting Jason, call the Las Vegas office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335 for more information.

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