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Melissa Duran, Reporter

Police Comb For Clues in Case of Missing Las Vegas Woman

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There is new information in the case of a missing 81-year-old Las Vegas woman who vanished mysteriously. Opal Marie Parsons went missing Thursday morning, Aug. 30. Since she's been missing, police confirm her ATM card has been used.

The TV was left on, a key was still in the front door and now police are confirming Opal Parsons' ATM card was used at local casino the day after she went missing -- and they don't believe she was the one who used it.

It's not necessarily the news her family was hoping for.

Every time the phone rings, Carol Holt's heart stops. "Is there some information, waiting for some news like we found her or her to be calling," said Holt.

For the last five days, Holt and her brother Terry Parsons have been posting up fliers, making phone calls -- anything to find their mom.

"Where has she been sleeping. It's been five days and without any record of staying at a hotel or word from hospital. Where is she?" asks Parsons.

Detective Dan Holley is asking that same question. Surveillance video from Sam's Town Casino should also provide some answers.

Police say Parsons' debit card was used at an ATM machine inside the casino on Friday afternoon. Parsons went missing on Thursday.

"We're fairly confident at this point just based on the details of that withdrawal that she didn't make that withdrawal," said Det. Holley.

Detectives know which ATM and what time the debit card was used and Parsons doesn't show up on surveillance video during that time. Police say she left her home on Thursday with the TV still on and her car in the driveway.

Police say something or someone got Parsons to open that front door.

"She either has been mentally incapacitated but we're leaning more with somebody came and took her and abducted her," said her son.

For them, the wait continues.

"We're waiting for word, hopefully from the detective to give us something to go on or look at. I don't know what's next," said Holt.

And not knowing is the hardest part of all.

The family says Parsons has no history of mental illness. Just to be safe, police have contacted women's shelters and adult mental hospitals with no luck. They're also asking valley hospitals to double check their rosters.

For now, they don't have a suspect, but they are hoping that surveillance video from Sam's Town Casino may provide another lead.

Please call CrimeStoppers at 385-5555 if have seen Opal or have any information.

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