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A Patient Father Finds the Perfect Son

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Adoption takes patience -- patience to go through the process and patience to find the right child.  Wednesday Child's adoption success story this week shows us, though, that it's worth it.

Michael was busy showing Dave his toys and his new bedroom, and all he could think about is half-a-year ago all Michael had in his life was question marks.  

In fact, going back to last November, Michael was just another fresh face, a foster child in search of permanency. We last visited with him at the Mirage Dolphin Habitat.

Jose is the new man who's changed his life -- a very patient Jose.  

"During that time there were changes in the offices, state to county, my case kept getting assigned, a whole year to get application approved," explained Jose.

But Jose just kept looking.

"Actually, most of the information I got was from Channel 8. You have the Wednesday's Child information, and part of the information also links you to the Adoption Exchange, and I started looking at the web site," Jose admitted.

Not long after Jose met Michael at an adoption party things started happening fast.

"So within a week he came to my house. Sunday was his birthday and the following Friday afternoon he came with me. No regrets whatsoever!  That was the best Father's Day gift I got," gushed Jose.

And according to Jose, it's a gift that never stops giving back.

"It's the satisfaction. Yeah, something that fills you up inside, you know. It's like I never had any kids. I took care of all my nephews and nieces when they were little, but I always had to take them back to my sister and brother, you know. They were not mine." said Jose. 

So what advice does he have to those still considering adoption?

"I would tell them don't wait all those two years. If you feel it in your heart, you know, that you want do it, just go ahead and start the process," Jose stated.
There are many more kids like Michael needing a permanent home. 

Get started with the process now. Call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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