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Nursing Home Investigation Continues

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(Feb. 28) -- We have a follow-up on an exclusive Channel 8 Eyewitness News investigation. On Wednesday, we told you about a family that's suing a local nursing home. They claim Del Mar Garden’s negligence led to their father's death. They say the facility lost their father and left him outside in the hot August sun.

The Shapiro family's case is among six negligence cases pending against Del Mar Gardens of Green Valley. Now a former worker has come forward, saying she quit because of what she saw while employed there as a nurse's aide.

Raye Lynn Lagg said negligence is a big problem at Del Mar Gardens of Green Valley. Lagg says the problem stems from nurses being understaffed and overworked.

Lagg says she left the Henderson facility in 1999 -- after only three months -- because of what she witnessed there.

“There was this patient with MS, and he was having a hard time sitting up, and I remember a male CNA just grabbing him and yelling at him,” she said.

Lagg came forward to tell Eyewitness News about other acts of alleged negligence after watching our exclusive report on the Shapiro case against Del Mar Gardens. The children of 82-year-old Harold Shapiro say a nurses aide left their father in this gazebo area last summer.

Lagg says the alleged negligence is common due to understaffed nurses and aides.

“The CNAs were assigned 12 patients for an eight-hour period, and the final straw for me was I was not allowed to bathe a patient because it was not her shower day,” Lagg said.

The Shapiro family's attorney says six pending lawsuits against Del Mar Gardens points to a problem: “It does seem to me that there is a pattern and a problem at Del Mar Gardens.”

When asked whether there was a problem or problems at Del Mar Gardens, administrator Chad Stenslie said : “Well, I don't know if there is a problem or not based on the information that's provided. What I can say is that Del Mar Gardens of Green Valley is committed to providing the highest quality of care.”

But Lagg says Del Mar Gardens' quality of care is why she quit. When asked whether she thinks this is a problem at Del Mar or a problem across the board, Lagg said: “I think it's a problem at Del Mar. I've worked at other nursing homes, and this is definitely a problem at Del Mar.”

The attorney with the Nursing Home Justice Center claims Del Mar Gardens is understaffed because the salaries of the administrator and other top Del Mar officials are based on profits, and less staff means more money. Stenslie would not comment about how his salary is determined. He did emphasize their staffing meets Medicaid requirements.

Stenslie could not give us a staff-to-patient ratio, saying it changes daily, but he did say Medicare regulations require you have one RN on shift, which he says they do, so they are within all Medicare and Medicaid regulations.


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  • Lisa Johnson, Reporter

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