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Pedicure Safety For Diabetics

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A pedicure can be relaxing and beneficial for the feet. But many diabetics are afraid of going in for a pedicure, knowing that a simple cut can lead to a serious infection.

In this week's Dealing With Diabetes report, the Eye on Health team sees how a local foot-care-specialist is pampering her patients safely.

Sharon La Grange enjoys having her feet pampered and polished. But as a diabetic, she's careful when it comes to pedicures.

"And as a matter of fact, I've had the bottom of my foot cut because they shaved it too close," La Grange said.

The nature of diabetes can prevent wounds from healing quickly. If bacteria gets into a cut, a dangerous infection can follow.

Las Vegas podiatrist Jodi Politz says cuts and blisters aren't all she's seen from patients who have been to pedicurists that use improperly sterilized or shared equipment.

She explained, "I've seen everything from infected in-grown toenails, athlete's foot, warts. I've seen cuts from the curette blades from cutting off the hard skin from corns and calluses or cracks in their hills.

Dr. Politz recently opened a pedicure salon adjacent to her practice. She believes pedicures are beneficial in helping diabetics maintain healthy feet. After all, neglected feet that are dry and scaly can also be problematic.

But there are milder forms of buffing and filing for the diabetic. And if the pedicurist doesn't ask, they need to be told by the client about their condition.

"Some of them will turn you away and some will be very light on your feet for you," Dr. Politz continued. 

Her facility is part of her practice, Mountain Podiatry, at Summerlin Hospital. They also do therapeutic foot massage.


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