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Three Times The Love

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Many of you may recognize one of the faces in our Wednesday's Child sibling set this week.  
Brandon's back and his two sisters are with him -- all hoping for a forever family together.

Back in March when Dave first met Brandon at Sunset Park, he was polite but seemed preoccupied. He avoided any talk of adoption. He still doesn't like to talk about it much. But when he does, he makes it clear his two sisters have to be in the picture, too.

"'Cause my sisters need me and I need them..." Brandon clearly stated.

"He's very intelligent, and he -- for his age -- knows where he's at with his situation and with his sisters. And going through it, he's always wanted at least one of his sisters to be with him.  And he is definitely the spokesman for his sibling group," explained Andre, with the Department of Family Services recruitment.

Alysa is only a year younger than Brandon. She's very studious, likes to read, but also likes animals, and loves to laugh.

"Well, she's a really responsive child who responds to direction and to the rules of the house, and she does play with her brothers and sisters but she also likes her own time," said Andre.

Then there's the youngest. Analiz is six years old and packs a lot of energy. She works hard to listen, and she likes a certain color.

"She enjoys the color pink, gardening, picking flowers, a lot of the -- quote, unquote -- girly things," admitted Andre.

These three children have been through a lot together, and whatever is ahead, they want to face that together, as well. 

"I think a home that can provide them stability, 'cause they have moved around. And Alysa stated that, she doesn't want to move around like she has done in the past. A strong role model," insisted Andre. 

If you're interested in this trio, you would do well to get started with the process now. Call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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