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Two Sisters, One Brother -- Can You Be Their Parent?

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For this week's Wednesday's Child is a ready-made set of children seeking the right mom 'n' dad. We're looking for parents who are just as special as these kids. 

Dave met this sibling set of three at the Ethel M Chocolates chocolate factory. Yes, they made the obligatory visit to the nearby cactus garden. But ultimately, of course, it could never compare to the chocolates themselves.

Tatiana is the oldest of the bunch at 8 years old. What a smile! She's fun, loves to draw, likes to shop, and is helpful around the house.

"She's very helpful. She's a good kid. She tries hard in school. She gets A's and B's and she's really proud of herself and she loves to learn," said Andrea, the foster parent's mother. So it's no wonder they call her "Grandma" or "Nana".

Quiana is the next oldest at 6. She enjoys playing with dolls, reading, and playing dress-up.   All in all, she takes after her older sister.

"Qiana's a really sweet little girl, she's very helpful, too. Very bright, she remembers things.   She can remember things so easily; she catches on very quickly to everything. She's a real sweet little girl," Andrea continued.

Finally, there's 4-year-old Carlos. He's a bundle of energy who is just happy to be anywhere as long as his sisters are there, too.

"And Carlos has got an extra does of happiness. He's just a happy cheerful little boy. He wakes up in the morning and says, 'Good morning Grandma.' He just goes all day just like life's just a big amusement park for him," explained Andrea. 

This loving group understandably has some special considerations, but will work well with loving parents who will give them structure and would offer lots of time and energy to tend to their busy lives.

"They're in ballet, in tap dance, basketball, gymnastics, there's a lot of activities that they're interested in. They're in really good shape. They're athletic children, so we'd like to take them to, be able to further their interest in those things. And just a nice loving family that make them the center of their world," pleaded Andrea.
These three are free and clear for adoption, now. If you're interested in getting started with the process, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange now at 436-6335.

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