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Las Vegas Teen Urges Lawmakers in D.C. For Diabetes Funding

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One local teenager, who is diabetic, let her voice be heard at a Senate hearing in Washington recently. Jordan Exber, 14, was part of a delegation that urged lawmakers to continue funding diabetes research.

In this week's Dealing with Diabetes report, meet the young woman who's trying to make a difference.

Learn more about their visit to the capitol.

Jordan Exber and her mom have just returned from the nation's capitol, where they represented Nevada at the Children's Congress, 2007. They were joined by others with type one diabetes in asking legislators to support diabetes research.

"There was a new bill proposed," shares Jordan. "And we have to ask our Senators and Congresswomen and congressman to support the bill."

"We met with both Senator Harry Reid and Senator John Ensign," adds Pia Exber, Jordan's mom. "We specifically talked about Bill-1494 which is up for renewal. And it funds about 35% of research being done for diabetes.

Jordan became a youth ambassador for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation after being diagnosed herself in August. She believes that in some ways, young diabetics who are insulin dependent, are robbed of their childhood.

"We can't really have fun because we're busy managing our blood glucose and taking shots and counting carbs," said Jordan.

"In the time she's been diagnosed, since August, she's already had 2300 injections and about the same number of finger pokes," said Pia.

Along with her fundraising efforts, Jordan is helping future generations by participating in a clinical trial for a new diabetes treatment.

"Find a cure as fast as possible," said Jordan. "That's what really matters to all of us with diabetes."

Jordan was joined in Washington by another 14-year-old Las Vegas delegate, Megan Christensen.

To learn more about their visit to the capitol, click here.

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