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A Brother/Sister Pair Seeking Permanence

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This week's Wednesday's Child features a brother/sister pair. And like most siblings, there's some arguing but they agree on one thing -- they both want a forever home.

Chelsey and Tyler probably weren't too excited about getting a history lesson at the old Mormon Fort, but they actually got into it once they saw all the cool stuff there.

Chelsey is 10 years old and Tyler 11 years old. They've had to put up with disappointment time and again with their own family.

"They had some parents who were unable to care for them, and they have siblings in a different state and the relatives weren't able to care for them after while. So now they're faced with being in our foster care system up for adoption to be in a forever family," said Andre, a Department of Family Services supervisor overseeing their foster care.

Tyler, especially, has disliked having to move over and over again. "What's hard about it? It's hard because you have to like keep packing up over and over again," Tyler said.

Luckily both these kids have found they're good at school. In addition, Chelsey loves horseback riding and Tyler is nuts about basketball. He plays almost every day.

"He wants to be a professional basketball player," Andre said.

To be all they can be, though, Chelsey and Tyler will need a permanent home where they can grow, be loved, and find structure.

"The support of a sibling connection is key, a home that's really going to open up and welcome them and include them into their home. They're both really wanting to be in their own home, and a family that's going to include them in all aspects of course through adoption is where they'll do best," explained Andre.

Chelsey and Tyler are free and clear for adoption as soon as possible. If you're interested, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335 to find out more.

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