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Trio For The Ages

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Would you adopt a family of three kids? Before you answer, you'd better check out this sibling set in this week's Wednesday's Child.

On a hot day, the water felt pretty good to Jeremiah. He's the middle child of the three, and as the only boy, he may be the most adventurous. But according to his foster mother, he's also the most helpful.

"I thought he was withdrawn, shy. It didn't take him long. Jeremiah is a very, very bright child. [He] likes to get involved in everything -- gets up makes his bed in the morning, brushes his teeth, does everything. He wants to help me clean. Jeremiah is wonderful," exclaimed Velma, the foster mother who took this trio into her home about three months ago.

By contrast, Jeremiah's oldest sister, Gabrielle is the more responsible one. She absolutely loves the color pink and also loves to draw.

"Wonderful, wonderful. She loves to write me notes and tell me how much she loves me, especially when she wants something, bein' a girly girl," added Velma.

The youngest sibling is Jessica. At 17 months, she's showing some delays but also much promise.

"But she's a beautiful child, wonderful child. Pretty, no trouble, mild mannered. She cries when she goes to bed at night, or cries when she takes a nap, but she doesn't cry long. This kid is wonderful," Velma explained.

Above all, these kids want to be together in the right home.

"I would like to see them have a loving home. The children need a lot of love, they need a lot of love, they need attention. They are hungry for attention. And if they just have lovin' parents that get along, you know, take them on outings and do things for them. They don't ask for much, they don't ask for much, but you wanna give them everything," said Velma.

By the way, Jeremiah is a big Spiderman fan and Gabrielle wants a goldfish. 

Call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335 to adopt this terrific trio.  

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