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Ready-Made Family of Four Desires Parents

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We know it's a big order to adopt a sibling set. Four kids would be a real challenge, but not these four kids. They're charmers. 

Dave can't believe these four kids are being featured again on Wednesday's Child. All of them are handsome, well-mannered, delightful children.

But it was almost exactly a year ago when Dave met with these three sisters and their brother at the Mini Grand Prix. It was clear from the get-go they loved being together, and should stay together.

"The siblings are bonded to each other. We end up taking these children away from their families and all they have left is each other. And it's very important for them to grow up together and know each other for the rest of their lives. Very important," said Ariel, their caseworker at the time.

If it was true back then, and it's even truer now. Dave had a hard time getting pictures of any one of them without another one or two being close by in the frame.  

At seven, Heather is the oldest. She's smart, wants her own room someday, and takes her big sister role seriously. 

"All the time, I mean Heather, she loves her siblings. She loves just loves them all," said Rich, a Foster Family Recruiter with the Division of Family Services.

Next is five-year-old Stephanie -- cute on the outside and just as nice on the inside. Her favorite color is pink.

The only boy, Justin is next in age. He's about four, and while he's bonded to his sisters, he loves his independence.

Youngest is Jennifer -- two years old and trying to keep up. Nothing seems to faze this sturdy little girl.   

Dave could spend an hour talking about any one of them, but what you should know about this ready-made family of four is that more than anything, they need love. 

"They deserve it, and hopefully we will continue to recruit for them, and definitely find this family that wants them, and that they want, as well. The bond is just so strong, and we don't want to break that, don't want to break that at all," Rich continued.

You can get started now with the process of being approved as their new parents. Call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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