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Metro Releases Photos of Luxor Bomb Suspect's Vehicle

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Another released photo of the suspect's car. Another released photo of the suspect's car.
One of the released surveillance photos of the suspect's car. One of the released surveillance photos of the suspect's car.

(May 10) -- Police released pictures today of a car they think is related to the explosion at the Luxor parking garage. It shows what police believe is the suspect vehicle entering then leaving the garage... twice.

Now police are asking for your help in identifying a car that was on the scene.

(May 9) -- Eyewitness News has just learned Metro will release still pictures of a suspect vehicle in this bombing investigation on Thursday. The pictures will come from the surveillance tape.

NEW: Family of Luxor Bombing Victim Are Puzzled About The Killing

(May 8) -- There is new information about the man killed in that bomb blast at the Luxor on Monday. Family members confirm the victim's name. Wuilibaldo Dorantes-Antonio is from Puebla, Mexico.

The 24-year-old worked at Nathan's Famous hot dog restaurant in the hotel's food court. Tuesday morning his family visited the Mexican consulate for help in making arrangements for the funeral. Family members were visibly still shaken over the murder as they walked away from the consulate.

They did not want to go on camera, but told Eyewitness News they are making arrangements for Dorantes-Antonio's body to be shipped back to his hometown. They hope investigators can find out who set the bomb.

As those arrangements are being made, Metro investigators along with federal agents examined the evidence collected from the Luxor parking garage near the explosion. They will continue to look for who wanted the 24-year-old dead and why.

Dorantes-Antonio had just gotten off work. He and a female friend walked into the upper level of the parking garage around 4 a.m. Police say and sources at the MGM say that Dorantes-Antonio noticed a cup sitting on the roof of his car. When he reached over to pick up, it exploded.

Dorantes-Antonio was badly injured and died a short time later at the hospital. Shrapnel from the bomb hit other nearby cars, but luckily the woman with Dorantes-Antonio was not hurt. 

Late Tuesday afternoon, the Clark County coroner reported that Dorantes-Antonio died from a penetrating head wound.

ATF special agent Tom Mangan says they learned more about the device. "We are very happy with the post blast investigation with the amount of components we have been able to recover," Mangan said.

He says investigators pieced together most of the bomb. Sources say it was in a cup sitting on top of Dorantes-Antonio's car. Mangan confirmed it was detonated by motion, meaning the bomb went off when Dorantes-Antonio picked up the cup.

ATF special agent Mangan says the components of the device can lead investigators to who put it on the roof of Dorantes-Antonio's car. "It gives us certain clues to who constructed it. It gives us clues to the way it was made up. The way it was designed."

ATF agents can actually get fingerprints off parts of the bomb with specialized equipment. Mangan says the bomb blast was equivalent to a stick of dynamite. Pieces from the blast will now be sent to a specialized lab near San Francisco.

Deputy Chief Ted Moody with Metro Police says they believe he was targeted and that they are also reviewing surveillance video.

"There is video in that lot, and we're still in the process of trying to determine what if anything is contained on those videos will be helpful to us in our investigation," said Moody.

So far, police aren't talking about a motive. They say this is still a very active investigation and among other things, they are trying to reconstruct the bomb to get clues.

An autopsy was conducted on Dorantes-Antonio's body Tuesday morning, but the results from the coroner still aren't available.

So far, law enforcement agents aren't saying if they have any suspects.

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