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Will The Third Time Be a Charm For Kenneth?

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We're hoping the third time's the charm for a young man by the name of Kenneth. He's been on Wednesday's Child twice before with his younger brother. Now, he's all by himself.

Kenneth and another young man named Tyler loved being out at the Las Vegas Speedway.   You'll meet Tyler next week. It will be his first time on Wednesday's Child. Whereas, this is Kenneth's third time.  

First there was the visit to Krispy Kreme and later on in the afternoon at Polly Park -- both times with his younger brother who has now been adopted.

Dave asked Kenneth's caseworker Carly if that made Kenneth feel left behind.

"You know, I think Kenneth really wants some attention outside of the biological, just his own kind of thing.  And so, he loves  his brother, but they do argue a lot. And I think it would be better with, you know, a home that can just be for Kenneth," Carly explained.

Kenneth is a bright 11-year-old young man.  He earns good grades in school, especially math, loves all outdoor sports and wanted to drive a car reeeeeaaaally bad.

"How do you get in? Do you hafta jump in?" asked Kenneth, standing by a stock car in the Richard Petty driving school garage.

Kenneth is cautious but very much believes there is a family out there for him.

"He does, he definitely does. He bonds really well with people once he knows it's not going to be separated. So he has a difficult time in he beginning, 'cause people left him his whole life. But after that, he does really well," continued Carly.

Kenneth does his chores, earns his allowance, and needs a home with stability.

"He does really well with kids and he forms good bonds with peers. So older kids or younger kids, you know, just someone who's going to be able to give him that individual attention, and provides a lot of structure in the home," added Carly.

Kenneth will want regular visitation with his younger brother, so that's a given when you adopt him.  

If you're interested, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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