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Colleen McCarty, Investigative Reporter

Exclusive: Couple Arrested in Extreme Case of Child Abuse

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Sabrina Smith, the child's mother, and Brian Amis, her boyfriend. Sabrina Smith, the child's mother, and Brian Amis, her boyfriend.

There are more disturbing details in the arrest of a local mother and her boyfriend who are both charged with felony child abuse.

Click here to read Metro's Criminal Incident Report.

Sabrina Smith and Brian Amis were arrested after the three-year-old girl was found covered in scars, scabs and bruises only weighing 19 pounds. Now the I-Team is learning Child Protective Services received eight different reports on this family.

According to a preliminary review by Department of Family Services Director Tom Morton, four of those calls were in reference to the three-year-old. But in two of the cases, the CPS worker didn't check on the child until more than two weeks after the complaints were made.

Records show when the caseworker went to the home; she spoke only to the mother taking her word that the children were fine. It was not until Metro reported the abuse this past weekend that CPS opened a case on the family.

The responding officer said this in the police report about the abused three-year-old, "I observed multiple injuries to her lower extremities, to include her buttocks, legs and lower back."

He went on to say, "The victim had injuries to her shoulders and face to include black eyes."

Eyewitnesses told police of abuse they had witnessed including spankings with a belt. During another incident, a woman watched as Brian Amis beat the toddler with a set of 15 keys.

She said, "It was so violent that she had to leave the residence and go outside as she started to feel sick."

The woman said she didn't intervene because she was nine months pregnant.

Amis said he threw the keys at the girl, but denies repeatedly beating her. He did admit to "whooping" her for not making it to the bathroom on time, when she was only two years old.

The woman's three other children were taken to Child Haven.

(Apr. 12) -- Metro police are investigating the extreme abuse of a three-year-old child. Though the little girl is alive, she's been so neglected the case reminds detectives of Adacelli Snyder, the two-year-old who starved to death despite her family's involvement with Child Protective Services.

Questions about the actions of CPS have also been raised in this case. Click here to read Metro's Criminal Incident Report.

Metro police can't share the photos of this child. But their description of a three-year-old girl who weighs 19 pounds, her belly distended from hunger is enough. Scars, scabs and bruises cover her tiny body from the back of her neck all the way down to the bottoms of her feet.

One investigator told the I-Team this is the worst case of physical abuse she has ever seen where the child actually survived. Her mother, Sabrina Smith, and her boyfriend, Brian Amis, face felony child abuse charges and have been released from jail.

Police went to the home in east Las Vegas Sunday in response to a call about a three-year-old with multiple cuts and bruises. According to the incident report obtained by the I-Team, investigators found the girl at home and called paramedics.

When questioned by police, a witness said days earlier Sabrina Smith said, quote, "was upset and crying because she lost control. That the spanking was because [the three-year-old] pooped in the bedroom and then threw poop all around."

Another witness claims, "Sabrina used a belt for the whoopings," as did her boyfriend, Brian Amis.

Lisa Teele, with Metro's Abuse and Neglect, said, "It's fortunate in this situation that this child is still with us. In that case that you just mentioned of Adacelli Snyder, it was too late. So we just ask and encourage just come forward and be that voice for our children when they can't be that voice for themselves."

In this case, sources tell the I-Team Child Protective Services received multiple reports on this family -- a total of six dating back to 1999.

It is unclear, however, what action, if any, CPS took. Clark County's Department of Family Services told the I-Team it is conducting a full review of the case and will release additional information on Friday.

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