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Elissa Needs Your Love

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This week's Wednesday's Child is a beautiful 11-year-old named Elissa.

We shot pictures of Elissa and her brother Jason at the park. Right now, they're not in the same foster home, and could be adopted separately.

"We'd love to find them a home together. But they also might do really well in separate homes if there were people who were willing to facilitate those visits on a weekly visit, and that kind of thing," said Carly, the wrap-around caseworker for Elissa and Jason.

In fact, after we shot with these two kids, we were notified that Jason has adoption plans. So we'll focus on Elissa for this story, and there's a lot to tell. She's a very well balanced young lady with a positive outlook.

"Elissa is very outgoing, very vocal. She is able to talk about emotions. She bonds very well especially with girls. She has a tutor who is an older lady, and she has a lot of women in her life. She bonds well with them," continued Carly.

Elissa likes dance and art, going to the movies and playing dress-up.

"Elissa is very independent. She likes to take care of younger kids or older kids, and she doesn't really have a ton of special needs," said Carly.

Like her brother, Elissa just needs a family with a lot of love and a home that can provide structure.

"It doesn't really matter if it's two-parent or one-parent, but just someone that's going to be home a lot, be able to sit down with them. You know, help them with their homework, give them a lot of attention, a lot of supervision," Carly added.

Remember, Elissa and Jason will need to continue their regular visitations. 

If you're interested in this young lady, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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