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Pair of Brothers Need Each Other And a Home

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This week's Wednesday's Child is the brother pair of Kody and Kenyatta. Both are handsome young men trying to sort through a difficult emotions as they hope for a forever home.

We figured at Desert Breeze park flying a kite, would be, well, a breeze. Kody and Dave tried and tried, but the wind didn't want to cooperate.  

Kody's a happy-go-lucky guy with a ton of energy and a pretty good attitude, considering a rough early childhood.

"Through his natural parents, there was a lot of hardship, I should say, that he has suffered," said Rachel, Kody's Wrap-Around Services caseworker.

If you're wondering where Kody's brother Kenyatta was while we were trying to fly a kite, Dave finally found him hiding from the camera. Try as Dave might, Kenyatta didn't really want us to shoot his face. And his caseworker explained why.

"I think his fear, from what I gather from him, is that he has a family that he is with now, and he really adores her, and she's very good to him. And I think he's really wanting to stay with her, and he's afraid that if he goes on TV, someone else may see him, of course, and want him. And he's afraid of what that'll turn out to be," admitted Rachel.

Just so you know, we did manage to get a still picture of Kenyatta that day. 

"Kenyatta is very spunky, good-natured, good-hearted person. He likes to be around his brother. He's like the big brother helper. He's very smart. They're both very smart boys," continued Rachel.

Both these guys do their chores, work hard in school, and work hard for approval. They deserve a permanent place to call home.

"They're good people, they're good. They've got a good heart, you know, and just, and I guess because of what they've been through, they have a desire to want to a good family and be a part of a family on a normal basis," added Rachel.

Kody and Kenyatta are ready for adoption, and we hope you'll want to get started in the process of being approved.

You can call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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