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Nine-Year-Old Has Love, Needs Home

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Being a foster child is tough. A troubled past, an uncertain future, living without answers -- that's where you'd come in as an adoptive parent for someone like Zachary.

We're back at Sunset Park where you met Brandon last week. Now Dave focuses on Zachary, who turns 10 this summer.

Zachary is kind of hard to get a read on at first. He's interested in what you're doing but doesn't want to warm up to you too fast, a common trait of foster kids.

"He likes to be active. He likes to run around. He likes to be independent. I think a lot of people are always around him, looking out for him. So if he can seek that sort of independence, he's going to kind of go for it," said Andre, a recruitment specialist with the County's Division of Family Services.

Zachary kept wanting to race Dave, so yes, he does like to be active and he did finally find a comfort with Dave and Brandon, but not in front of the camera.

Zachary is in counseling, which would continue after adoption. It's nothing he couldn't conquer with the stability of a forever family.

"He needs structure and consistency and a routine. He does very well with those three things. That's the key, and having a home that has older children would be good for him," continued Andre.

This young man would be a delightful addition to any family. He's helpful, affectionate, and smart.

"He's a lot of people's favorites. And I think that says a lot about him that he has a personality and character that is pervasive. And so I think a home would be good enough with parents that will support and love and care for him, and everything else will fall into place," said Andre.

Zachary has a sister he wants to stay in touch with, but otherwise Zachary is ready for adoption. 

If you'd like to get started in the process of being approved, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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