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Zenaya Has Needs, But None Greater Than Love

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We're not going to sugarcoat the facts. This Wednesday's Child may never be able to live independently.  On the other hand, Zenaya is a delightful child with a real personality.  

Leading Zenaya by the hand at the Children's Discovery Museum, Dave realized that she'd really grown since the last time we were together last June.

At that time, Zenaya showed a lot of spunk, but she was also not very compliant. This time around she was much better behaved as they toured the new hands-on cowboy exhibit at the museum.  

Zenaya is 10 years old this year. She still has her own mind, but seems a little more cooperative. 

"She is full of energy, she's bubbly. She is really a joy to have around. She likes to have affection, she likes to be hugged, and people flock to her because she's rambunctious," Andre explained.

Andre is a Foster Parent Recruitment Specialist with the County's Division of Family Services. "She has a lot of energy. She's the type of child that we wish we could be... and just be free," he continued.

Zenaya most liked the new flowing water display. She liked it so much; she wanted to climb right in showing that Zenaya needs a structured environment.

"She has an education plan at school -- an IED -- so, she has specialized services there. And so she goes to occupational therapies, speech therapies, that sort of thing," said Andre.

Zenaya is non-verbal, but very loving and has room to grow.

"Perfect parents for Zenaya, would be parents who can provide structure and consistency and be very patient, and who really understand her limitations, but also can build upon those limitations. And that's going to be key," Andre explained. "She is a wonderful child who will do well in a home with those attributes, and any home that can open up their heart to her will be just perfect."

If you'd like to get started in the process of being approved for adoption, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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