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Lied to Become 'Kill' Animal Shelter

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After having to euthanize over 1,000 animals following a virus outbreak, Lied Animal Shelter has decided to change its policy away from being a 'low-kill' shelter.

Animal Shelter officials say they're going to change their practice of crowding cats and dogs into the facility -- and that will mean more animals will be euthanized.

Non-adoptable pets will be put down after 72 hours; that would include old, infirmed, aggressive animals.

Adoptable pets will be held up to 120 days.

You can reach the shelter by calling 384-3333.

Tina Trenner, a former member of Animal Foundation said, "The city and county need to get over their friendship and their croonism and realize that this is going to happen again and this is going to be an ongoing problem."

The current Animal Foundation members have not yet commented.

City and county leaders met with animal rights supportrs Wednesday night saying they do not want to place blame on Lied adminstrators and that the priority is to make sure the animals are taken care of.

Also, new procedures are being put in place for handling animal intake. Lied spokesperson Mark Fierro announced new polices and procedures that Lied will now adopt effective immediately.   

First, all animals will get their own kennels.

One of the reasons they believe the viruses spread quickly is because a number of animals had to share kennels.

Two, there is a new head of the local U.S. Humane Society and his name is Tom Pooler. He has 34 years of experience on animal control. He will oversee and implement and make sure all policies are met.    

And lastly all animals will be getting a new 5-and-1 inoculation as soon as the animal gets into the shelter.

Fierro says everything is pretty much cleaned up; only a few spots remained to be cleaned up and disinfected. The remaining animals given a clean bill of health will return to the clean facilities.

All operations will be open to the public Feb. 16.

Lied also says if you adopted an animal within the last 10 days, contact them if your animal is experiencing any physical problems or if you have any questions -- at 384-3333.

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