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Colleen McCarty, Investigative Reporter

Las Vegas Mystery: Little Girl Lost

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Everlyse Cabrera would have celebrated her third birthday last week, but her mom has all but missed has missed the terrible two's.

It's been seven months since Everlyse Cabrera disappeared from her foster home and police admit they are no closer to finding her.

For the first time, the detectives working her case are speaking publicly in hopes of getting a break in the case.  

North Las Vegas police detectives Sayoko Fay, Jimmy Watson, and Dave Molnar temper frustration with commitment.  To better understand these detectives, you have to go no further than Diamond Point Court, where Everlyse was last seen.

"We think about it all the time, and that's what we need the public to do. We need them to think about it all the time because it's the smallest thing that it going to turn this around," said Detective Sayoko Fay, North Las Vegas Police Dept.

Seven months into the search and the detectives find themselves revisiting the first 24 hours after the reported disappearance and their initial contact with the foster family, Manuel and Vhee Carrascal, and their sons who are 14-years-old and 34-years-old.

"According to their statements, they discovered her missing around 7:30 in the morning.  However, it wasn't reported to law enforcement until sometime between noon and 12:30 p.m. that day, so we were already behind the 8 ball," said Detective Jimmy Watson, North Las Vegas Police Dept. 

The Carrascal's tell police the two-year-old must have unlocked the front door by climbing on a chair.  Yet, despite the efforts of law enforcement, volunteers, and neighbors no one can find evidence of Everlyse or of a crime.

"You do get that very unsettling feeling you know you have a two-year-old out there.  It's June, it's hot and you hate to think it, but at that point, you know something's wrong," Detective Fay said.

Following standard procedure, the detectives question the Carrascal family.  But a second interview the next day stops short and the silence is deafening.

"They expressed their concerns that you know we were questioning them and wanted some answers.  You know we drilled them pretty hard so maybe they felt nervous.  I think anybody would.  At that point, they decided they would seek legal representation," Detective Watson said.

The Carrascal's are not considered suspects and without evidence of a crime, legally the detectives must rely on cooperation which they have not received.

Attorney Edward "Randy" Miley represents the family.  The police say they have contacted the attorney numerous times and have never received a return call.

"At this point, I can't make a comment. I'm sorry," Miley told Eyewitness News.

The Carrascal's are also not commenting despite repeated attempts by the Eyewitness News I-Team to contact them.

"I'll say to the Carrascal family, at any time that you feel like you want to come in and talk to me, I want to talk to you.  There's a little girl who is missing. Somebody knows what has happened to her," Watson said.

Until they find that somebody, Watson, Molnar, and Fay will keep trying.

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