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Delightful 12-Year-Old Shares His Dream For a Permanent Home

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It's amazing, the resiliency of the foster kids featured on Wednesday's Child. Despite a background of hardship, many still have a smile on their face, like this week's candidate -- Deryll. 

Deryll and Dave Courvoisier met with two other Wednesday's Child prospects at GameWorks.   You'll meet the other boys in the weeks ahead.  

Deryll's a nice-looking 12-year-old with a big smile who likes pizza, but he'd much rather be playing interactive video games, which he does very well, by the way.

Deryll's a natural at most things. He's a smart kid who is good at school and understands what's hard about his being a foster child.

"You have to keep movin' around and you have to make new friends at different schools," Deryll said.

"They really don't know what stability is and it's really hard for them to keep moving and moving once they get used to someone, and then they have to leave. So it's really hard on the child," says Kelley, Deryll's caseworker.

Kelley says, though, that Deryll keeps his chin up. "He's an outgoing, very friendly child when you meet him," added Kelley.

Deryll is also realistic about why he wants to be adopted. "I wanna be adopted 'cause I'm tired of moving around from place to place," admits Deryll.

And Kelley says his ideal family wouldn't have to be perfect.

"I just think any family that's willing and able to provide the support and stability that he needs, and a patient family that understands where he's coming from. Just a family that will love him and his brother," Kelley continued.

That's right! Deryll has a brother -- Malachi -- one year younger who is practically like a twin.   He couldn't be with Deryll this time 'round, but they need to stay together. 

If you'd like to get started in the process of adopting Deryll and his brother Malachi, call the local office of the Adoption Exchange right now at 436-6335.

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