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Erectile Dysfunction Could be a Warning

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Everyone with diabetes needs to be aware of side effects and corollary disease that can come along with diabetes. For men, one of the most compelling may be erectile dysfunction -- studies have found a connection.

In this week's Dealing with Diabetes segment, a local urologist explains that erectile dysfunction may also be a warning sign of something even more serious.  

The many side effects of diabetes include hypertension or high blood pressure. And that can have a domino effect, leading to erectile dysfunction. 

Las Vegas urologist, Dr. Christopher Minott said, "With time, I can almost guarantee you that men who are poorly controlled, as far as their diabetes are concerned, will definitely develop erectile dysfunction. New research indicates that popular ED drugs such as Viagra and Cialis can be safe and effective for diabetics. But ignoring the ED is not a good idea, because it can signal something worse.

"We can see changes in the blood vessels which may result in erectile dysfunction. Way before a man gets a heart attack, he may get erectile dysfunction because of this problem. "

You certainly don't have to be diabetic to develop heart disease or erectile dysfunction. These conditions can occur in anyone. Diabetes, however is a formidable risk factor, and if you're having problems with ED, it may be a good idea to investigate the possibilities.

Dr. Minott said, "One should definitely not treat this casually as if you're just improving your sex life. It needs to be taken beyond that to make sure this is not a progressive problem which may ultimately kill you."

Dr. Minott said you can take care of your diabetes and still get erectile dysfunction, but not controlling it is definitely inviting trouble.

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