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Chris Saldana, Reporter

Blue Ribbon Panel Reviews Child Deaths

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A panel created to review child deaths in Clark County was unable to offer solutions Tuesday.  

A day before finalizing recommendations for Clark County Child Protective Services, eight pages of a report submitted to a blue ribbon panel were missing.

The eight pages gave specific examples of what an independent consultant found when looking into how Clark County handles child abuse cases. It's more about the 8 missing pages. It's about what's in the writing.

Eight pages with examples of how child abuse cases weren't given the attention needed is what Assemblywomen Susan Gerhardt was wanting to see. 

The county's independent consultant was asked to remove the pages detailing such oversights.  

Members of the blue panel then asked if the eight pages could be made public so they can move forward with recommendations. 

Clark County Assistant County Manager said the county was acting at the request of the district attorney and respecting the confidentiality of some of the victims in the eight pages. 

In the end, he left decision up to the panel.

Clark County Assistant County Manager Darryl Martin said, "We can't give our okay to release it, but we're not going to stand in your way; it's up to you and the committee."

The independent consultant then agreed to make the report more general, so the identity of the kids mentioned will not be recognized once released to the public.  

As for the kids mentioned in these eight pages, Thomas Morton, the director of Clark County's Child Protective Services said nothing has been done.

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