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Older Kids Are Adoptable, Too

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Wednesday's Child begins the new year with a little unfinished business from last year. His name is Jeremy, and of all the kids we featured last year Jeremy would be at the top of the list of "most adoptable."

You might remember Jeremy a visit to the zoo in '06. We visited on a hot day in June, and Dave discovered then how polite and understated Jeremy was. His caseworker at the time explained why.

"He needs to think things through before he says it. He needs to make sure he understands what's going on first. Definitely," says Joanna, Jeremy's caseworker.

Now that it's winter, we caught up with Jeremy doing what he loves best:  basketball. 

He starts on his middle-school team, and when Dave asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up, he said, "Well, if I can make it in the NBA, but uh, I wanna be a BMX rider," said Jeremy.

BMX rider or NBA player, Jeremy is already a star for lifting himself up out of a negative young childhood and becoming just a nice kid.

"He's a great kid, and he really is no major problems. He just wants to be adopted. He's not picky about what kind of family he wants. He just wants someone who loves him," continued Kelley, Department of Family Services.

Not many kids age twelve still want to open themselves up to adoption, but Jeremy knows what he needs most in life is a loving family.

"I think he's just looking for stability and for a family to love him and just be there for him forever," added Kelley.

Jeremy is great with kids, likes math, and does all his chores around the house. He knows being in a family is a two-way street.

"The adoptive parents would need to understand where he's coming from and just have the patience to know that he's been in the system for three years. He's come out of a neglectful abusive situation," Kelley explained.

Jeremy is free and clear for adoption.  

There are advantages to adopting an older child. To find out more, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335.

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