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Energetic Brother/Sister Pair Seek Loving Home

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Sometimes you just forget how much energy little kids have.   This week's Wed's Child pair has plenty of it...they just don't have a family.   We're hoping that'll change when you hear their story. 

6-and-a-half-year-old Fury, and her 3-yr-old brother Addason are pure energy... Their happines is just a reflection of the smooth sailing they finally have in life.

"Mom is unable to care for them at this time, um, Dad has never really been in the picture... um, the children have been in foster care since 2004...so they've been in several different homes actually," says Caasi, Fury and Addason's SAFY Case Worker.

Luckily, neither Fury nor Addason have any glaring holdovers from those placements... In fact both of them are very talented.

"She loves to draw she is an amazing artist, amazing color, I've never seen anyone her age draw as well, I thought I was good, but, no.. She, uh, enjoys dancing, she likes music, you put on a song, and she's immediately dancing," adds Caasi.

As for little brother Addason, he looks up to his big sister, but is learning to do for himself.

"He, uh, well, he loves to help out, the foster mom she cleans a lot, so he's always trying to help vacuum, try and help do the dishes... He's very helpful, he likes to be independent, and he likes to do things by himself.," says Caasi.

But he can't do everything.   So D-F-S is seeking energetic parents who can give them a lot of direction.

"Structure, stability, gotta be consistent with things, they're craving the structure right now...they haven't received a lot of structure..it's been a very...they've been bounced around a lot in their childhood...so right now they need a place that will nurture them," says Caasi.

Both Fury and Addason are loving children with a big future.   If you want to be part of that future for them, please call the local office of the Adoption Exchange at 436-6335, they'll be happy to take your call.

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